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Jul 4, 2012

Relaunching Technogumption for a new cause

I have always loved this domain, and enjoyed blogging here a lot on technology and internet marketing topics. As I started spending more and more time working, and work involved more and more traveling I began to neglect this site. Now I am relaunching it with a fresh new look for a new purpose. It will now be the home for my freelance work as a web developer and internet marketing consultant. This is something which I have been doing more of recently and an area in which I feel I have a lot to offer.

After spending the last few years working hard building brands I have been developing my skills and testing out all kinds of marketing techniques as well as learning how hard it is to maintain websites whilst keeping on top of the day to day operations of running a business.

It is exciting times! Don’t forget to check out our services.

Jul 3, 2012

A small business’ guide to dealing with online security threats

For anything more than a very simple website, it is best to go self hosted. The likes of blogger and tumblr just do not offer enough flexibility in my opinion for a small business’ website. is more flexible but still hard to work with if anything more than plain text is required.

My platform of choice for building websites is self hosted WordPress. This is one of the most flexible platforms out there and is capable of pretty much everything. It is also very well supported by the community and updated regularly which reduces the risk of online security threats. Best of all it is free which keeps the cost to the customer down.

WordPress is pretty secure out of the box but there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of attack including picking good passwords and keeping your installation, plugins and themes all updated. If there is ever a major security breach it is well documented as millions of sites use the software. This is another benefit of the great community surrounding WordPress.

No matter what platform you use it is important to report attacks as quickly as possible to your host and also your web developer. A good relationship with a company can be the difference between them taking a quick look at your site and seeing a common bug and a major headache which could waste hours of your time. I strongly believe in working to your strengths and outsourcing the rest.

If your bootstrapping your business and doing as much as possible yourself then be smart, take regular backups and befriend the community – it is amazing what help you can get. Also try reaching out to your social network, you never know what hidden talents people have.

Mar 25, 2009

New series of the Apprentice starts

I have always been a massive fan of the Apprentice ever since it launched. I have pretty much watched all the UK and US series and enjoyed them. It is great to see business based shows reaching the masses although I am doubtful they offer any real business value. If nothing else they might make people aspire to more than being a footballer or a rock star.

This season started off as usual with the back to basics task whereby the teams have to do some really simple task in order to make the most money. It is always very similar and in previous seasons has involved selling coffee, flowers, lemonade and that sort of thing.

As (almost) always – it is boys vs girls to start with. All the usual ridiculous characters are there battling to see who will be the alpha male on one side and queen bee on the other. Both teams managed to pick passable names relatively quickly for a change too. This part is pretty painful watching so we can skip over it.

The task was cleaning. It didnt matter what they cleaned – they just had to clean stuff and whoever made the most profit won. The obvious choice here is cleaning cars. Interestingly the guys team did some shoe cleaning for a bit which seemed to be going well – they made £60 an hour between three of them which by far tops what they were making with cars. However they only did the one hour then went on to clean cars.

The car cleaning from both teams was pretty ridiculous. It is by no means difficult, or complicated in any way to clean a car. Yet somehow both teams struggled – even with simple concepts like closing car doors before pressure washing. To cut a long story short, the teams spent £100-£200 on cleaning materials and turned over £250-£300. We are looking at roughly £100-£150 profit per team of 7 or 8 people. This means essentially each team member generated only £20 profit in a day. How are these the greatest up and coming business minds of the country? Kids make more money selling lemonade outside their house.


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